Social Media Intern (Remote)

Preferable Location: Honolulu   |   Internship

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs and social media creators!  Mohala Eyewear is looking for a Social Media intern.

Mohala Eyewear can offer you:

- Hands on experience working in a startup environment and learning how to build a brand from the early market stages.

- A purpose driven internship where your work empowers girls worldwide.  

You will learn:  

-  Social media management, building an influencer program, customer experience management, content creation and have direct to consumer touch points.  

Great resume building experience as the internship will expose you to all facets of business and entrepreneurship.  

A little about us: 

Mohala Eyewear designs sunglasses for all face shapes and every pair sends a girl to school.  We have donated over 43 years of school in 2.5 years since we launched.  

Most eyewear is designed to fit one ideal face shape.  This leaves out millions of women.  There is a huge fashion and beauty trend towards inclusivity and one product that has been left out is eyewear.  That’s where we come in we design eyewear to fit all face shapes and offer four unique nose bridges, width options and adjustable frames.  This keeps sunglasses from sliding down your face, resting on cheeks or hitting long lashes. Our products leave women feeling comfortable and confident!



- Responding and interacting with customers on IG & FB

- Welcoming new followers to the Mohala community

- Assisting in the development of the Mohala influencer program 

+ more!

Preferred Qualifications:

- Familiar with Instagram & Facebook platforms

- 17+ years old 

- Positive & solution oriented mindset

- Creative & open-minded

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